abiamarie (abiamarie) wrote,

MmmmMMMMMmmmm Peter Murphy.... <3

I saved about 40 Peter Murphy pictures yesterday, ranging from his Bauhaus days to his solo days and the last Bauhaus concerts a few years ago. Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

That man is soo unbelievably gorgeous/hot, even now that he's about 45 or 46 years old.

Whatever happened to him? :(
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mrow! peter murphy!
I'd sleep with Peter Murphy. ^_^ Thanks for the photographs. From what I heard, he's been incorporating more of a world music influence in his music, and he released an album last year. You should bookmark this just like I did, because it's a really great site!
Thank you for the information and the site link! :)
I'd sleep with him too.
Oh Gosh...You got that right!! hes still got it!

Im lovin' the new icon.
Thanks. :) Oh yeah he's still got it. I'm no longer allowed to even mention Peter Murphy's name around my bf because I never shut up about him and go on about how much I lust after him.
HAHA! awe, guys will just never know...