abiamarie (abiamarie) wrote,

The best day EVAH

Yesterday we had our little annual Star Day. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Steven and I had the most fun after the slideshow, we went to my room and just rolled around together on my bed, laughing, hugging, whispering, kissing, smiling. :) After he left I watched a couple of movies and then began to write him a love letter.

My "Baby Girls are Much More Tender" The Brides CD came in the mail yesterday but I was too busy with Star Day to listen to more then 5 songs. (They're GOOOOOOD) I even got a free CD with it and a handwritten note from Corey Gorey. :) I must listen to my two new CDs completely today and write a Thank You note.

:) I feel lucky to have what I have.
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