abiamarie (abiamarie) wrote,

The best day EVAH

Yesterday we had our little annual Star Day. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Steven and I had the most fun after the slideshow, we went to my room and just rolled around together on my bed, laughing, hugging, whispering, kissing, smiling. :) After he left I watched a couple of movies and then began to write him a love letter.

My "Baby Girls are Much More Tender" The Brides CD came in the mail yesterday but I was too busy with Star Day to listen to more then 5 songs. (They're GOOOOOOD) I even got a free CD with it and a handwritten note from Corey Gorey. :) I must listen to my two new CDs completely today and write a Thank You note.

:) I feel lucky to have what I have.
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your so lucky to get that cd! sounds like you had fun too :) sound so in love <3
It's an awesome CD... the music was stuck in my head all day. :) I am in love with him, yes, when he's not going on about how much he like Korn. Yech. Hahahaha he loves The Damned and Bauhaus though.
yucky! Korn well at least its good that he has a variety of music he listens too.. but man i could never listen to korn haha
I've done all I could to show my disapproval. I've exposed him to so much good music in hopes that he'd give up Korn... but he hasn't! But like you said, at least he likes a variety of music. :)