abiamarie (abiamarie) wrote,

Highlight of the week.

I got off the train today as usual, and looked up to see a man six feet ahead, dressed in pinstriped pants and jacket, with black hair with a thick blond stripe in it. His jacket had a rather large patch on the back, but his bag covered it so I don't know what it looked like. On his sleeve was a misfits patch. He was pale and tall.

Do you realize how rare he is in Southern FL??? * I almost followed him home! I wanted to see his other patches more closely, ask him about the music he liked.

But he was taking a taxi with some girl with bangs and who looked younger than him. And I looked like a mess, with my lime green jacket and my 50s buttoned shirt and plain black skirt, and my eyebrows a mess from the long day and my hair all windblown and fucked up. :(

I need to improve myself. Then I must find him again and talk to him, if only for a couple of minutes, to find out what music he likes and etc.

* That is, if he likes good bands besides the Misfits.
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