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Photos of me

Ugh red face sometimes because of the FL sun, no makeup except for a bit of mascara, after a loooonnnggg day. My lips look odd because I have a bad habit of tearing at them with my nails.

But whatever, I posted them anyways.
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your face is not red!!! YOUR SO PRETTY!
:) Thank you so much, you're very sweet. :)
Your So Cute!

I Love That Shirt!
:) Thank you!!! :)
yummy <3333333
:) Thanks <3 <3 <3
you're really really hot.

scuse me while wear something with a more accomadating inseem!!

~ Basim
:D Thank you!
what do you think of our bad music?

It's a blend of Bauhaus, Misfits and Funkadelic they tell me...
Your music isn't bad at all, it's very good!!! Especially "Send More Paramedics" and "Suburban Holocaust," although all four are excellent. What they tell you couldn't be more true. :) I love it.
wow! That's really flattering..
uhhh so I guess the next step would be to see you on our Msg board?

hehehe the more posts the bettuh - there are alot of deathrocker zombies on it!
~ Basim