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Hello again

It's been a while, I'm sorry. Things just snapped back into place after a month...

I have no eyebrows now, hahahaha.... and many many exams coming up so I still have no time to read all of your journals, I'm sorry. But eventually I'll get back into that normal lj rhythmn.
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aww im so glad your ok and that your back!!!
Good luck on your exams <33
Thanks! You too. :))
Good to see that you still exist.

I wish you well on your tests.

I'm also glad that things worked out ok.

Life is good.

:) Thanks, hope your exams/tests go well too.

Yes, life is good! :) How have you been?
Esh, AP's are next week..

They're easy.


Nods, indeed life is good.

I have been amazingly great, despite the fact that large groups of people have been trying to make me out to be the worst person in existence.

I suppose it's been easy to deal with them by virtue of the fact that they always forget that they're full of shit, and that I know it.


But anyways, a great many things have gone ever so much better than I could ever have hoped. I finally found a reliable and beautiful group of people to call my friends, I finally managed to get out of the house, and I'm in the third month of what promises to be THE MOST amazing relationship.

Life is good. :-D
Even if they succeeded in their attempts, you'd still be better than most people.

I'm very happy for you! I wish you a longlasting and joyous relationship. My circle of friends has expanded also, and my relationship after many many unbelievable hardships has survived and begun to even improve greatly.
hello,i havn't seen any of your posts in ages...., glad you ok ,good luck in you exams, damnit i ve got them as well
Thanks! Good luck in yours too.
You should come back to us!
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